About Us

Consignment Sale Owners, Ashley Winkle & Allison Legg.

So you want to know a little about us and how Persnicketies got started?

We always laugh and say it sounds like a dating story! 
We met in 2010 in Child Birth Preparedness class. Allison was only able to come to a few classes because her oldest child was born 2 months premature. (She totally skipped bringing snacks that week and blamed it on being in the hospital! Excuses, excuses!) And Ashley made it through all the classes but was TOTALLY unprepared!
Ashley had friended Allison on Facebook to check on her and the baby. A few months later, Allison saw something Ashley posted and asked if she could call her. We talked for a couple of hours! The rest (as they say) is history!
After becoming fast friends and doing all the new mommy things together, Ashley and Allison decided in 2012 there could be a different kind of Consignment sale available to the Shoals area. Allison came up with the idea but was hesitant. Ashley (being Ashley) said LET’S DO IT! And never looked back. (Ok, ok… maybe she looked back when she misspelled the first domain name they purchased!)
Within a few months, Persnicketies Boutique Consignment was off the ground and running! We began in the church activities building at First Southern Baptist Church. (Allison’s parents are members) By the second sale, we already needed a large tent outside to hold all the goods! (Don’t worry, we brought everything inside every night for security purposes!!! Yep! We’re crazy!)
After we realized this thing was really going to make it we decided to move “across the tracks” to Tuscumbia! We only stayed here a few Sales before we were ready to expand again! We then moved “across the river” to Florence into the building “we had dreamed of” since we had first decided on this crazy business! After moving we thought, why not add women’s boutique clothing to the mix? So we did!
We are loving being in Florence and love serving families of the entire Shoals area by giving them an easy and safe way to get top dollar for their upscale clothing purchases!
We are so thankful to our husbands, friends, and families that help us to make this sale possible! And thank you to our amazing consignors and shoppers. Thank you for participating and sharing us with all your friends. We couldn’t do this sale without EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. YOU!
We truly LOVE what we do!
Okay, enough of memory lane…. let’s get ready for the next sale!

Allison & Ashley