Cash In When You CONSIGN!

Why Sell with Persnicketies?

Earn Money for Unused Items

You’ve got HUNDREDS of dollars in unworn and outgrown clothing, toys & gear in your home!


"Trade In" for your new favorites!

Turn your earnings into a CLOSET FULL of boutique clothing items!

Average Check: $387

It only takes 15 clothing pieces (or $150 in merchandise or 2 designer purses) to be on your way to your own BIG consignor check!

How will YOU Consign with Persnicketies?

VIP Consignor

  • Want to recoup your investment into upscale clothing, but don’t have time? VIP Tagging is the perfect solution.
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Volunteer Consignor

Volunteer to shop FIRST!
  • Volunteer for 1 or 2 shifts and get the BEST deals and BEST brands FIRST!
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How Consigning Works

Step 1: Price & Tag

Use our software to quickly price & create tags for your items. Then cut out & attach.

Step 2: Drop It Off

Bring your fully tagged items to our sale location.

Step 3: Shop

Shop the sale during our consignor presale OR VOLUNTEER for a shift or two to shop even earlier!

Consignor Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my check?

Checks are mailed within 2 weeks of the conclusion of the sale.

How should I price my items?

We generally suggest you price items at 40-75% OFF of the original price. Pricing is highly subjective. Things such as condition, style, and brand will play a large role in pricing. Realistically ask yourself what you would pay for a similar item at a sale. Remember people who shop at consignment sales are looking for a deal. All items must be priced in whole dollar increments. (i.e. $5.00 not $5.50)

I think my items are upscale but I’m not sure. Will you accept them?

Most often the answer is yes. If you purchased the items at a boutique or upscale store, they will most likely be fine. Please feel free to email us with questions. However, we can never guarantee we will accept an item until we see it in person.

Do baby gear and toys have to be brand specific?

Nope! Just be sure they are in excellent condition!

What can I do to help my items sell?

1. Price your items competitively. We often receive several of the exact same items so you won’t want yours to be the most expensive.
2. Iron your clothing. Pressed clothing sells much better than clothing with even slight wrinkles.
3. Sell baby & toddler clothing in sets.  Match tops with bottoms to help them sell better.
4. Clean, clean, clean. Make those toys and baby gear sparkle.

Why do you charge a consignor fee?

The consignor fee helps cover facility rental, insurance, supplies, marketing, print materials, signage, rentals, licenses, technology expenses, and much, much more. It also allows us a better way to plan for how many people to expect at each sale.

How long will drop-off take?

About 15 minutes (but it can vary based on how much you bring.) In order to offer the highest quality items to our shoppers, we thoroughly check every item brought to us. Please be patient as we do this. You will need to stay until all your items have been checked. Once you have been checked in, we will ask you to hang your accepted items in the appropriate sizes on the racks.

I have a conflict with the drop-off (or pick-up) times. Can I arrange a different time/date?

You are welcome to have a friend or other family member drop-off or pick-up for you. If that is at all possible, we prefer this option to better allow us time to accomplish tasks for the sale. However, if there is no other way, please email us at least two days in advance and we will try to accommodate you.