VIP Consignors – Let Us Help!

How Does VIP Work?

30 Item Minimum

VIP CONSIGNORS MUST HAVE AT LEAST 30 CHILDREN’S CLOTHING ITEMS. (After 30 children’s clothing items, you may bring women’s clothing, toys, gear, children’s shoes, etc…

Earn Money with No Tagging or Prep Time

Want to recoup your investment into yours and your kids’ upscale clothing, but don’t have time to consign? We have the perfect solution.


Returned Items Fee

We LOVE a big haul as much as the next girl HOWEVER due to time constraints, if you have 20 or more items not accepted we will charge a $25 returned items fee. (Fee will be deducted from your final earnings.)

3 Easy Steps to Become a VIP Consignor


Step 1: Register as a Consignor

Register as a Consignor  HERE. You will be directed to pay a $15 consignor fee upon registration. If you are a RETURNING CONSIGNOR, register HERESign-up for a VIP drop-off appointment once you are registered. This is how we know you are registered as a VIP Consignor. Space is limited so sign up now.

Step 2: Gather Your Items

Toss your upscale clothing items (be sure they are accepted and stain free) you want to sell in a bag. (We accept Spring/Summer items for Feb/March sale and Fall/Winter items for the July/August Sale).

Step 3: Drop Off Your Items

Drop your items off at our sale location. We’ll price (optional), iron, hang, and tag your items for you. All you do is wait for your check! VIP Consignors receive 50% of their sales. (A $10 Fee is also deducted to cover supply costs.)