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Persnicketies is a semi-annual children’s boutique consignment sale that accepts only the best upscale clothing brands for boys and girls from babies to pre-teens.We all love to dress our little ones! Especially in great boutique brands that make special days- and every day, even better! But not all of us can or want to spend those boutique prices for it to be worn a few times! Whether you’re a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle or friend, Persnicketies is the place to shop to save money and dress to impress!

If you’ve found yourself at other sales, desperately trying to find the perfect outfits mixed in with rows and rows of out-of-date, stained or worn out clothing, you’ll love discovering a sale full of stylish clothing sure to meet your high standards. No digging required. We’re persnickety for you!

At Persnicketies, we’ve taken the hard work and frustration out of outfitting stylish kids on a budget.